No words necessary 

No more words necessary here . Damn took the words right out of my mouth the thought right outa my head. Bam . Cold piece right there 


Thoughts of an addict 

There is always chaos in our minds tho we differ .. this is true.. the on common thing we have is our chaotic selfish mindset..

 As we go about any normal particular day… our books tell us that …we need a stress free zone .. we need structure.. that we do not need to be stuck in our own .. heads it’s the worst place that we can be…. they speak of the war going on inside and it is a war every single day.. even when we don’t want our drug of choice it all begins in the mind anyways .. the push and pull between what we know.. and how we feel is very real .. we begin to learn that feelings aren’t facts.. and every single day is a new journey..and any decisions we make today are just for today and that is where we must keep it in today.. going day by day.. today I am better than yesterday.. Tomorrow I hope to be better than today .. that’s all I have 

One day at a time 


you cant help someone who doesn’t want your help

It’s like convincing a drowning man.. who is sitting down ..that In reality all he has to do is stand up.. and his head will be above water.. but all the drowning man sees is that he can not breathe.. he thrashes he fights he wiggles and squirms.  How do you explain to him that once you stand you can breathe do you just pick him up? If he keeps thrashing and fighting he will fall again.. what if he then bumps his head? 

The drowning man never stands.. ye only thrashes .. why won’t he just stand up.. 

Trying to help someone who doesn’t want help is exactly like this or maybe they want help but don’t see the simplicity of what you see.. from the outside looking in. 

Just stand up and you will once again be able to breathe 




It’s comparable with any other disease…only this one you are normal to the naked eye.. your struggles inside aren’t visibly seen..


You seem normal enough… to any onlooker is what they say.. but no one gets the struggle inside of you day by’s  a tug.. an emotional tug of war..between yourself.. the you that you are as of today and the old you ..the person you use to be..


You just crave an understanding.. a single person whose brain works the same…